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Advertising opportunities for Canadian employers

Thousands of truck drivers (from Canada and outside Canada) visit our web site every month. They come here because they are looking for trucking jobs.

By placing your ad on our web site you will get kind of exposure you really need for your company. Advertising in national or local newspapers may seem like a good idea however it i safe to say most of the newspaper readers actually do not look for truck driving jobs. On our web site you can advertise for a fraction of the cost of advertising in major Canadian newspapers and your ads will be seen by the people who actually are supposed to see them.

What kind of advertising?

If you need a truck driver you can put an ad indicating you look for truck driver(s). If you just want to promote your company and give drivers a chance to contact you and leave their resume for future openings, that is possible too.

If you want to promote your company brand by placing your company logo/ad on our web site that is another reason for contacting us to learn more about different advertising options we offer.

Where will you place our ad?

We can place your ad on the front page of our web site for maximum exposure, or we can place your ad on one of the web site pages where you prefer it to be - for example we can put it on the web page where we describe services offered to the truck drivers.

Will you prepare images (art-work) for us?

If you already have artwork ready you can send it to as and we will place it on our web site (we may have to modify the size to fit the web site layout) or we can prepare all images for you. We can use images such as JPG, GIF, PNG. Please contact us for more information.

How much do you charge for the advertising space on your web site?

Our advertising fees are very affordable and they represent fraction of the cost employers pay to the major newspapers or TV stations in Canada. Please contact us for detailed information and a brochure which will give you exact price for different sections of our web site (where your ads can be placed).

Nothing except the mint can make money without advertising.
Thomas Babington Macaulay
The future of advertising is the Internet.
Bill Gates