Interview truck drivers

We can arrange Skype interview with truck drivers for you!

Yes, we can arrange Skype interview with any of the truck drivers featured on our web site and this service is 100% free to Canadian employers!.

If you have special job requirements and you believe truck drivers who have their profiles posted on our web site do not meet those requirements we can definitely try to find the type of truck drivers you need. For more information about that please see our Request driver page.

Can you assist with interpretation services during Skype interviews?

Yes. The fact is most foreign truck drivers do not speak perfect English and for that reason it is very useful to have someone who speaks truck driver's native language and English language at the same time. For truck drivers from former Yugoslavia we can provide interpretation services if needed.

Normally we join Skype session along with the employer and the driver and only in case conversation gets stuck or we see that some serious misunderstanding is about to take place we would intervene and provide clarification. That way we ensure smooth communication between the employer and potential hire.

How many truck drivers can we interview in one day?

As many as you wish. We will make sure truck drivers are available for Skype conversation at mutually agreed time.

Can you ask truck drivers to complete a pre-screening questionnaire?

Yes. If you want to narrow down your selection before the Skype interview we can ask a larger group of truck drivers to answer a set of questions which you would have to send to us ahead of time.

Please contact us for more information.

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