How to post a job?

Post your vacant driving jobs on our web site!

Posting vacant jobs on our web site is free for Canadian employers. Posting a job is also an easy process - employers just have to complete web-form and our web technician will check the information employer entered and create a job ad.

Yes, that is a manual process which may take some time (normally 24 to 48 hours), for that reason we ask you for patience because your job ad won't appear on our web site instantly. We will also try to check the authenticity of the job ad by doing basic background check such as making sure public records of such company do exist, telephone number is indeed a Canadian telephone number etc.

However we cannot guarantee that any posted job is a 100% genuine job offer. Also we cannot guarantee that any time someone completes our job ad form their job ad will be posted on our web site. We reserve the right to screen out those job ads which do not provide basic information such as work location, wage offered, company operating name etc.

Canadian employer will be notified through the e-mail address provided that their job ad has been posted on our web site.

If they prefer to do so Canadian employers can also advertise their vacant position on the front page of our web site or on some of the web pages in the section for truck drivers (so that truck drivers can find them there as well). This option comes with an advertising fee. Please contact us for details.

Job ads are published for 3 months, after that they will be removed from our web site. Employers can post unlimited number of job ads however if they request removal of their job ad before 90 days is up and soon after that (within 30 days) they request that (practically) the same ad be published again we may charge small administration fee before the ad is re-posted.

Why would Canadian employers post their vacant positions (for truck drivers) on our web site?

For at least two reasons:
1) A lot of truck drivers come to this web site therefore their job ad will have targeted audience (unlike job ads in the newspaper, for example), and
2) Because it is free.
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