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We can find the right truck driver for you!

We receive more than a dozen e-mails and other messages from truck drivers every day. This web site has thousands of visitors every month. We have been building a large database of truck drivers in Canada and outside Canada and we can contact them at any time.

We have very wide reach through social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page).

Those are some of the reasons why Canadian employers may want to hire us to find them a group of qualified truck drivers which they can interview using Skype or over the phone and decide whether they want to hire them or not. We can be your messenger - when we announce that you look for truck drivers many people out there will hear the message.

Will you conduct job interviews on our behalf?

No. We will just do preliminary screening in order to identify those truck drivers that have required education and work experience (and language proficiency). Our expectation is that employers conduct Skype or telephone interviews with the potential candidates and that employers themselves decide which among several candidates they want to hire.

Can you do background checks on truck drivers?

For truck drivers from former Yugoslavia we can ask for police clearance certificate and also we can contact their references.

How much will that cost?

It all depends how many truck drivers you want to interview and whether those truck drivers already have their profiles on our web site.
Arranging Skype job interview with the truck drives featured on our web site is free for Canadian employers!
Please contact us for more information.


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