Option # 1: Basic profile

Basic profile on our web site includes your name (full name or your first name only), your 220X156 px picture (this is optional - if you do not want to post your picture we will use a generic image instead), around 30-40 words description of your skills and work experience and a way for employers to contact you (e-mail address).

Here you can see how those profiles look like.

We also provide, free of charge, a resume sample for truck drivers, cover letter sample and if you prefer so we will send you (also free of charge) an e-mail with the list of 100 actual and current job posts for truck drivers in Canada. You will have to choose to join our mailing list in order to receive an e-mail, once a month, with the list of 100 trucking jobs in Canada.

This option is most suitable for those truck drivers who prefer looking for work on their own however they want to make their information available to the Canadian employers so that they can contact them as well.

For the cost of this service please check our pricing page.

Option #2: Extended profile

Extended profiles have much more information about truck drivers. First Canadian employers will see your Basic profile as described above and after that they can click on SEE EXTENDED PROFILE and this will take them to the full profile of the truck driver.

Here you can see how extended profiles look like.

The main sections in the Extended Profile are video presentation, copies of drivers' resumes, cover letters, driver's abstract, recommendation letter and police clearance letter (you may decide to post all of those documents or only some of them. All documents will be password protected, Canadian employer will be able to open them only after Canadian employer contacts the driver and receives the password).

In addition to that Extended profile contains brief summary of driver's work experience, education and accomplishments as well as contact information for employers to get in touch with the truck driver.

The most important part in the Extended Profile is driver's short (3-5 minutes long, at most) video presentation. Canadian employers receive a great number of resumes from truck drivers from Canada and abroad however well prepared video presentation will give them additional wealth of information which goes far beyond what is written in the resume

You will have to upload your video presentation directly to the Youtube web site and send us the link to the video file. We will embed your video presentation into your Extended Profile.

PLEASE NOTE: You are expected to send us all the documents and information which are needed to create your Extended Profile. We will not create your extended profile without your video presentation!

If however you need our help with, for example, making an effective 3-5 min video presentation or you need help with making a good resume etc. we can definitely help you with any and all of those things. Contact us and tell us how we can help you to prepare all information/documents needed for your profile.

Another important information: if you decide to advertise your skills and work experience using Extended Profile you are still expected to contact employers directly (unless you just want to wait for Canadian employers to contact you). Contact information on your Extended profile will link Canadian employers directly with you (therefore you will have to respond to all inquiries from Canadian employers).

PLEASE NOTE: We will not post your extended profile without your video presentation!

For the cost of this service please check our pricing page.

Option #3: Active marketing

PREREQUISITE: Extended profile as described in Option #2: Extended profile.

We understand that truck drivers spend practically all their time on the road. We understand that those few precious hours that they have when they do not drive they may be too tired to look for work in a manner that would yield positive results.

For that reason we offer our service called Active Marketing. What does that exactly mean?.

That means that you, the truck driver, can give us your written consent and we will:

  1. open an e-mail account with your full name indicated in the address (this e-mail account will be cancelled upon termination of Service Agreement),
  2. send your resume and cover letter (under your name, using your e-mail address) to Canadian employers
  3. all responses from the Canadian employers will be forwarded to your principal (main) e-mail address (therefore you will be responsible for responding to employers' inquiries),
  4. we will contact at least 10 employers per day (except for weekends and holidays) in that fashion.

As you can see what we will do, if you choose this option, is keep sending your resume and cover letter to Canadian employers as if you sent them yourself. When Canadian employers respond you will have to follow up on their messages.

For the cost of this service please check our pricing page.

Option #4: Targeted Active marketing

PREREQUISITE: Extended profile as described in Option #2: Extended profile.

This option is very similar to the previous option: Option #3: Active marketing. The main difference is that Targeted Active marketing means that our marketing specialist will also respond to employers' messages (they will inform you whenever Canadian employers respond) and their main goal is to secure Skype interview with the Canadian employers.

Therefore this option is targeted at obtaining Skype interview with the Canadian employers for you.

Once Skype conversation is arranged for you contract that you will have to sign with our marketing specialist will be fulfilled. If for whatever reason you have to cancel or postpone that Skype interview it will be your responsibility to arrange a new Skype conversation with the employer (or alternatively you can sign new Service Agreement with the marketing specialist and they will try to arrange another Skype interview for you).

For the cost of this service please check our pricing page.

Option #5: Resume preparation

Normally first contact with Canadian employers is made when job seekers send them (or hand them) their resumes.

In Europe CV format is used however in North America (Canada and the US) slightly different format of the same document is used. If you already have a CV you will have to convert it into resume format.

Regardless whether you want to look for work on your own or you decide to use our services for that purpose you will need a good resume either way. Good resume is a document which on one hand truthfully reflects your education, work experience and your skills and accomplishments and on the other hand it looks appealing to your potential Canadian employers.

Sanja and Marija can prepare a presentable resume (and cover letter) for you - one that will fully meet expectations on the part of your potential Canadian employers.

If you decide to publish your extended profile on our web site you will have to have an up to date resume and cover letter.

If you already have your resume ready or you can make it yourself then, naturally, you do not have to pay Marija or Sanja to make such resume for you.

For the cost of this service please check our pricing page.

Option #6: Translation and interpretation

For truck drivers from former Yugoslavia: Marija can translate all your documents from your native language into English.

Those documents can be: recommendation letters, police clearance letters, driver`s licences etc.

Those services are available to all drivers regardless whether they need any other of our services listed here. For more information please visit Marija's web site.

Let's face it: most truck drivers who do not live in an English speaking country may not speak perfect English. That is the fact that both Canadian employers and foreign truck drivers have to acknowledge.

Another fact is that Canadian employers won't hire a foreign driver unless they speak with them first (at least once).

When you put those two together is becomes very clear that many foreign truck drivers who do speak some English may benefit form an interpreter during the job interview. The interpreter may assume a back up role: if everything goes well then she does not have to do much (if anything). However if it turns out that the job interview got stuck due to misunderstanding between the employer and the truck driver this is when the interpreter can help clear the communication obstacles and facilitate conversation that way.

Both Marija and Sanja can be hired to serve as interpreters during your job interview.

For the cost of this service please check our pricing page or Marija's web site.

NOTE: This service does not apply to Canadian truck drivers!

Option #7: Video editing

Most important part of your Extended profile is your video presentation.

Ideally your video presentation should be:

  1. Between 3 and 5 minutes long,
  2. Recorded in High Definition (720p),
  3. Edited in such a way that Canadian employers can easily recognize that you are the right person for their company.

Of course, you can record your video presentation using your webcam or your cellphone camera however video presentations which satisfy the three above mentioned requirements will look much more presentable.

Savan can help you put together a nice video presentation.

All you have to do is send him at least 10 minutes of your video recording and he will cut and edit those segments which would make the best possible presentation out of the given material.

He can also give you tips and recommendations how to shoot those 10 minutes of your video recording so that he can make an informative and visually appealing video for your Extended Profile.

For the cost of this service please check our pricing page.

Option #8: Work Permit and LMIA applications

When you get your job offer from a Canadian employer you will definitely pass a major milestone on the road to obtaining the Canadian work permit.

However before you actually apply for a Work Permit at the Canadian visa office (or in some cases at the airport when you arrive in Canada) your employer will have to apply and obtain so called Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA.

Milorad Borota is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who has been living and working in Vancouver, BC for almost 20 years. He can assist your employer with their application for your LMIA and later he can help you apply for work permit.

For the cost of this service please check our pricing page or contact Milorad directly.

If you prefer to apply for work permit on your own or you want to hire someone else to help you with that you are, of course, free to do that. You can still use all of our other services listed on this web site.

NOTE: This service does not apply to Canadian truck drivers!