Services to Canadian Employers

Posting vacant positions

Canadian employers can post their vacant positions (for truck drivers) on this web site for free.

Before we advertise your position on our web site we will need some basic assurance that your company is a legitimate business. For example we will have to check your company web site or we may send an e-mail message to the official company e-mail address to make sure that the posted job really exists. This is done in order to protect job seekers.

Why is it that we do not charge any advertising fees for posted jobs?

The reason is that we want both Canadian employers and truck drivers to visit this web site as frequently as possible. When Canadian employers have a need for a good truck driver they will come to to check profiles of truck drivers already advertised on this web site and if they are not able to find the right person they may decide to post the job for free.

On the other hand truck drivers come to this web site when they see that Canadian employers advertise vacant positions here. At the same time truck drivers may decide to contact us and advertise their skills and work experience (by creating their profile) on this web site.

Therefore this is a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

Placing your company ads on this web site

We make sure that large number of qualified truck drivers regularly visit this web site. Some of them will post their profiles on the web site however majority of them come to this web site just to check out vacant positions advertised by the Canadian employers.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to advertise your business and get in contact with qualified truck drivers even in case you presently do not have any openings.

You can place your company ad (banner) on the front page of this web site or you can decide to place your ad on one of the individual pages on the web site. Also you may want to give prominent position to your job posting by placing an ad on the front page for that job vacancy.

Please contact us and we will send you a document with exact information where your company ad can be placed, the advertising fee for each of those locations, banner ad dimensions etc.

The main advantage of advertising on a occupation specific web site like this one is that you will know your ad will be served to visitors who are potentially your employees. If, for example, you put an ad in a daily newspaper your ad will be seen by general audience and only small fraction of those who see the ad may be truck drivers.

Advertising your business on a web site such as makes business sense.

Arranging Skype conversation with truck drivers

When you (Canadian employer) find a profile of a truck driver that you want to interview you may contact them directly and arrange an interview.

Another option is that you contact us and we will arrange Skype interview with any number of qualified truck drivers. That means you can send us names or profile numbers of any truck drivers who have profiles on and we will contact those drivers and try to arrange Skype conversation with you.

Some of the truck drivers who advertise their profiles on this web site are persons outside Canada and some of them may not speak perfect English. Our staff can serve as interpreters or they can just quietly participate in the Skype conversation and if it turns out that communication between Canadian employer and a foreign truck driver is not smooth or our staff notices that important information was not communicated properly they may jump in and provide clarification either on behalf of the Canadian employer or the foreign driver.

This service is provided free of charge to Canadian employers.

Immigration services

Sometimes it is not possible to find qualified truck drivers among Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents of Canada.

Canada has population of only 35 million people therefore many more qualified truck drivers live and work outside Canada than in Canada. Many Canadian employers have to reach out to find qualified employees outside Canada (presently there are hundreds of thousands of foreign workers in Canada).

Canadian government has created Temporary Foreign Worker program with intention to support Canadian businesses when they are not able to find qualified workers in Canada.

Foreign truck drivers need an authorization to work in Canada. That authorization is called Work Permit and this document is issued by the department of the federal government called Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

However before a foreign truck driver applies for their work permit their Canadian employer must secure so called Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA for them.

We have made an arrangement with Milorad Borota, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and he can help Canadian employers with their application for LMIA. Also he can assist foreign truck drivers with their application for work permits.

His professional services will assure that the whole process of bringing a foreign truck driver to Canada becomes as simple as possible both for Canadian employers and for the foreign truck drivers.

Other services

Please feel free to contact us in case you need any other assistance in regards to hiring qualified truck drivers for your business.

For example if you want to hire a truck driver from Croatia (or any other country in that part of the world) and you are not able to do reference check for those drivers, chances are we can help you with that.

We can call foreign driver's former employers and try to confirm information they provided in their resume. This may make more sense due to time difference, the fact that some of those employers may not speak English etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other similar request.