Our Team

Sanja Zuber - Marketing Specialist with CanadianTrucker.org

Sanja Zuber

Marketing Specialist
Sanja can prepare good resume and cover letter for you, exactly what Canadian employers expect to see. In addition to that she can market your skills and work experience to Canadian employers. If you need interpreter for your Skype job interview Sanja is the right person.
Marija Bjeljac - Marketing specialist and translator

Marija Bjeljac

Markerting Specialist
Marija can translate all your documents into English language (from Serbo-Croatian language), she can prepare a good resume and cover letter for your job search and also she can advertise your skills and relevant work experience to Canadian employers. Read more on her web site.
Savan Borota - Web Support Technician

Savan Borota

Web support technician
Savan is in charge of our web site - he creates truck driver profiles, makes updates to the web pages, he puts employers' company ads on the web site etc. Also he can help you edit your Youtube video presentations - send him your clips and he will make a good presentation for you.
Milorad Borota - Regulated Canadian immigration consultant

Milorad Borota

Canadian Immigration Consultant
Milorad is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant - he can help Canadian employers apply for LMIA for foreign truck drivers and he can assist foreign truck drivers with their application for their work permits. Additional information can be found on his web site.