List of our services with corresponding fees

We offer our clients several payment options to choose from. Sanja, Marija and Savan are based in Croatia/Bosnia whereas Milorad is based in Vancouver, BC in Canada. For that reason the most suitable method of payment will depend on the person you will be dealing with - for example if you are a Canadian employer and you want to hire Milorad Borota to assist you with your application for LMIA the most convenient way to pay for his services would be to use Interac eTransfer.
On the other hand if you are a truck driver currently working in the UAE possibly the most convenient way to pay, for example Savan to create your Extended profile, would be to use Credit Card of PayPal. In either case we will agree on the method of payment that works the best for you, our client.

Services to Truck Drivers

1. BASIC PROFILEBasic profile includes:
  1. Picture 220X156 px in size (optional),
  2. 30-40 words of text describing skills and work experience,
  3. Contact information (driver's e-mail address)

Provided free of charge:
  1. Sample of resume and cover letter
  2. List of 100 job ads e-mailed once a month.
96€ / 6 months
2. EXTENDED PROFILEExtended profile includes:
  1. Video presentation (3-5 min long) which is mandatory,
  2. Copies of your resume, recommendation letters, proof of language proficiency etc. (all password protected),
  3. Summary of your education and work experience,
  4. Contact information (driver's e-mail address)

PLEASE NOTE: All responses from employers will be sent directly to your e-mail address!
It is your responsibility to respond to any inquiries from Canadian employers.
129€ / 6 months
3. ACTIVE MARKETINGPREREQUISITE: Extended Profile (as described above)
Our marketing specialist will e-mail your resume and cover letter to at least 10 Canadian employers per day (at least 200 per month). With your written consent a new e-mail account will be created and the marketing specialist will send job applications on your behalf.
It is your responsibility to respond to any inquiries from Canadian employers.
179€ / 3 months
4. TARGETED ACTIVE MARKETINGSame as described for the previous service (ACTIVE MARKETING) with one major difference: marketing specialist will be responsible for communication with the employer (with your participation as well) and the main goal is to secure Skype job interview for you. The last installment of 200€ is paid only when Skype conversation with Canadian employer is arranged for you.
PLEASE NOTE: You must have at least 2 years of driving experience, clean driving record and speak at least basic English in order to use this option!
179€ / 3 months + 200€
5. RESUME PREPARATIONWe can prepare a new resume (and cover letter) for you, which will look exactly like resumes used in Canada. We can also modify your existing CV (if you have one) to meet expectations of the Canadian employers.50€ (Resume + Cover Letter)
6. TRANSLATIONFor truck drivers from former Yugoslavia: Marija offers professional translation and interpretation services. Both Marija and Sanja can assist during your Skype interview with Canadian employers (if needed). For more information please visit Marija's web site.5€ per page
7. VIDEO EDITINGWe will need your short video presentation (introduction) in order to create your Extended profile. In case you are not confident you can make a good presentation yourself please contact Savan and he will edit your video clips and put together a good presentation for you. Please provide around 10 minutes of video footage which will be used to create 3-5 minutes long presentation.
For details please contact Savan.
30€ for one presentation
8. WORK PERMIT AND LMIAMilorad can assist your Canadian employer with their application for LMIA and once your employer has secured LMIA for you Milorad can assist you to apply for your Temporary Work Permit.Please contact Milorad

Services to Canadian Employers

1. POSTING JOBSOn this web site you can place job ads for free. Just enter required information into our on-line form.0€ (FREE) / 3 months
2. PLACING ADSPlace an advertisement for your company or give your job ad prominent status on the front page of our web site (or on the "Services to truck drivers" page).100€ - 500€ / 3 months
3. INTERVIEW DRIVERS (SKYPE)Arrange Skype conversation with truck drivers featured on our web site.0€ (FREE)
4. LMIA APPLICATIONSWe can help you apply for LMIA for foreign truck drivers.Please contact Milorad
5. OTHER SERVICESCan we help you with anything else?Please contact us

Payment methods

For truck drivers outside Canada probably the easiest way to pay for our services is by using your credit card (all major credit cards can be used).

If you choose this method of payment we will send you an e-mail request for payment.

Payment is made through PayPal gateway. You do not have to create a PayPal account to pay using your credit card and PayPal portal.

PayPal is one of the most popular and most reliable payment systems on the Internet, it is used by millions of customers all over the world.

Your credit card information will be known only to PayPal - we will receive only notification that payment has been made.

If you already have your PayPal account you can make a payment in just a couple of minutes.

If you choose this option we will send you request for payment through e-mail.

For truck drivers outside Canada who do not have credit cards paying through the Western Union may be the best option.

Please let us know if this option works for you the best and we will e-mail you information (name, address etc.) which you have to provide when you send money. Also we will tell you what information you have to send to us so that we can collect the funds you sent (Money Transfer Control Number).

Bank-to-bank transfer of wire transfer is more complicated and it will cost you more than other forms of payment.

If you prefer this method of payment please let us know and we will send you our bank account information including the SWIFT code.

Interac eTransfer is the most convenient form of payment for Canadian employers.

You just have to log into your on-line banking and choose "Send money" option and after that choose "Interac eTransfer"

Your notification will arrive through e-mail.

Please do not forget to send us the answer to your secret question! (otherwise we won't be able to transfer the funds)

Our service fees can be paid by direct cash deposit into bank accounts in Canada and in Croatia.

If you choose this payment method we will send you our bank account information.

Cash payment option os available only to Canadian employers in Vancouver, BC, who want to pay for services provided by Milorad Borota, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

Milorad Borota will gladly accept payments in digital currency Bitcoin.

If you choose this method of payment we will send you bitcoin address where you can direct your payment.

FAQ - Paying from Canada

What is the easiest way to pay in Canada?
The easiest way to pay Milorad Borota for his (immigration) services is Interac eTransfer. It takes a couple of minutes to send payment and it costs $1 in transaction fees.
Can I pay using Canadian dollars instead of Euros?
Yes, you can if you use credit card/PayPal or Western Union. For conversion rate please use Bank of Canada currency converter.
Canadian truck driver paying for advertising
If you are a Canadian truck driver and you want to pay Marija, Sanja or Savan for their services please get in touch with them and check with them what method of payment would be the best for you and them. Paying with credit card through PayPal web site is probably the best option.
Is refund possible?
Yes, refunding already paid amount is possible however these situations are spelled out in the Service Agreement that you will have to sign with staff.

FAQ - Paying outside Canada

When do we pay for your services?
Our service fee must be paid after we sign Service Agreement (at the beginning of the process). There is only one exception to that rule: in case of Targeted Active marketing you will be expected to pay 179€ after you sign Service Agreement and additional 200€ when Skype job interview is booked for you.
Can someone else pay for me?
Yes. Your friend or family member can pay on your behalf however you still have to sign Service Agreement and agree to the terms indicated in it.
Will I receive confirmation of payment (receipt)?
Yes. Once your payment is received we will e-mail you receipt (confirmation we received your payment).
Do you charge tax in addition to the service fee?
The total amount you need to pay is indicated in the table above - there is no hidden fees.

Do you have any other questions about our services and service fees?

If you have any questions about something mentioned on this web page or you want to know something else unrelated to the service fees please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide clarifications. We are looking forward to hearing from you!